From thermal baths and the Great Plain to Secessionist architecture and Hapsburg grandeur, a hotel break in Hungary is an opportunity to explore a truly unique country.

Situated at Europe's crossroads, Hungary offers visitors a fascinating and exotic cultural experience. There are plenty of natural sights to discover on a hotel break in Hungary, such as the picturesque Lake Balaton - Central Europe's largest freshwater lake – and the Great Hungarian Plain, which occupies more than half of the country and is famous for its wide open spaces and rich equestrian history. The most popular hotel destination in Hungary is romantic Budapest, with bridges connecting the neoclassical grandeur and vibrant street life of Pest on the Danube’s eastern bank to the beautiful medieval castle and the Citadella in Buda to the west. Other attractions in Budapest include the Dohány Street Synagogue, the largest synagogue in Europe, the Secessionist masterpieces of local architect Ödön Lechner and a wonderful array of thermal baths, from 16th and 17th century Ottoman bathhouses to beautiful Art Nouveau complexes. Hungary also offers a range of other exciting destinations, including the lively university city of Szeged and the cobbled streets and medieval Old Town of Sopron on the Austrian border, where visitors can also enjoy delicious local wines. Hungarian cuisine is well worth a visit in its own right, blending the traditional Magyar meat and dairy diet with historic culinary influences from Austria, Turkey and beyond.