From tropical beaches and mist-swept volcanoes to remote islands, ancient temples and fascinating cultures, a hotel break in Indonesia is an adventurer’s paradise.

Situated between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Indonesia offers incredible cultural, linguistic and geographical diversity. The country is comprised of over 17,000 picturesque islands, making it a dream come true for scuba divers, snorkellers and trekkers alike, with beautiful volcanic landscapes and lush rice terraces melting into azure waters containing breathtaking marine biodiversity. The best-known destination for a hotel break in Indonesia is Bali, a tropical paradise which is famous for its welcoming locals, unique and colourful religious traditions, and one of the richest performing arts cultures in the world. Papua has a fascinating tribal heritage and extensive rainforest that is home to remarkable flora and fauna, and on an organised trip to Komodo Island, visitors can see the world’s largest lizard, the magnificent Komodo Dragon. With over 141 million inhabitants, Java is a cultural and religious melting pot and the most populous island on earth, with UNESCO-protected attractions such as the magnificent Borobudur temple, a 9th century Buddhist monument, and the breathtaking Prambanan, an ancient complex of Hindu temples. The city of Bandung is nicknamed ‘the Paris of Java’, and is famous for its exquisite cuisine and lovely views over volcanoes and tea plantations, and on Java’s northwest coast, the vibrant Indonesian capital Jakarta offers excellent museums, the bustling Pasar Buru market, a charming Old Town and fantastic nightlife.