From stunning Mediterranean beaches and dramatic mountain ranges to bustling souks and tradition-steeped cities, a hotel break in Morocco is a journey to another world.

With its rich multicultural heritage and a stunningly diverse landscape to match, Morocco offers a truly unique holiday adventure. Situated just one hour’s ferry ride away from Spain, the country’s traditional Islamic culture and the warmth and hospitality of its citizens make a hotel break in Morocco a wonderful experience that keeps many visitors returning time and time again. Fans of the Great Outdoors can enjoy an exciting range of activities, including hiking in the Atlas Mountains, rafting on the Ahansel River, quad biking in the breathtakingly beautiful Sahara Desert or surfing off the coast of Agadir, while those looking for a more relaxing Moroccan hotel stay can visit one of the many lovely Atlantic or Mediterranean beach resorts. There are also plenty of options for an exciting city hotel break in Morocco. Marrakesh is world famous for its enchanting Medina (Old Town), a UNESCO World Heritage Site where visitors can wander the maze of souks looking for bargains or soak up the atmosphere of the lively main square, Djemaa el-Fna, which comes alive after sunset with a colourful array of snake charmers, acrobats and street food vendors. Meanwhile, Fez, another UNESCO landmark and the best-preserved medieval city in the Arab world, is fast becoming Morocco’s place to be, and offers an intriguing blend of cultural authenticity and cutting-edge creative energy.