From white sandy beaches and fantastic nightlife to ancient medina and bustling souks, there is something for everyone on a hotel break in Tunisia.

Famous for its impressive array of Mediterranean beaches, the coastline of Tunisia offers everything from the lush flora and craggy cliffs of the north to the idyllic sandy beaches of the south. Popular destinations for a beach hotel break in Tunisia include Hammamet, which has remarkable marine life and is perfect for scuba divers and snorkellers, the vibrant resort town of Monastir and the beautiful Djerba peninsula, also known as ‘the island of the thousand palm trees’. Inland, Tunisia also offers many historical and cultural attractions, with UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the stunning El Djem amphitheatre and Dougga, North Africa’s best-preserved Roman small town, as well as the fascinating ruins of ancient Carthage, which are picturesquely situated against a backdrop of the Mediterranean. Another popular destination for a hotel break in Tunisia is the capital city, Tunis, where visitors will find bustling souks and artisan shops in the charming 8th century medina, fascinating Ottoman and French colonial architecture, and important cultural landmarks such as the Bardo National Museum and the ancient Al-Zaytuna Mosque. Most of the southern part of the country is occupied by the great Sahara Desert, which can be explored on a guided camel or dune buggy excursion, or as part of a thrilling sleepover under the endless, starry sky.