Where East meets West and tradition meets modernity – a hotel stay in Turkey offers everything from Roman ruins and historic mosques to seaside resorts and vibrant cities.

Framed by the Black Sea to the north and the Aegean Sea to the south, Turkey is famous for its seaside hotels and resorts. However, this beautiful and diverse country is defined by dramatic contrasts, and Turkey offers an exciting range of attractions that reflect its rich cultural history. These include the stunning reconstructed façade of the ancient Roman Library of Celsus at Selçuk, the huge disembodied stone heads at Mount Nemrut (which date back to around the 1st century BC and are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the Hagia Sophia at Istanbul, a masterpiece of Byzantine architecture. On a hotel break in Istanbul, visitors can marvel at fascinating architecture which bears witness to Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman rule, and there is a choice of atmospheric boutique hotels from which to explore the magical city on the Bosphorus. Flights to Turkey are also available for other attractive destinations, including the young and vibrant capital city Ankara and the lively, laid-back coastal city of İzmir. The country’s amazing natural sights include the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, unusual rock formations which can be explored by hot air balloon, the hot springs and white travertine terraces of Pamukkale (literally “cotton castle”) and the beautifully pristine beach resort of Ölüdeniz, a sheltered blue lagoon set on the edge of a National Park.